Another milestone on my journey

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Evening all.

It’s late but I thought I’d better write something now, rather than trying to find spare time tomorrow.

First things first I’ll share some news about my weight.  It’s a small loss this week, which is another pleasant surprise as I have eaten all sorts of stuff and was simply hoping for a STS.  However, a 0.6lb loss has resulted in me losing a total of 50lbs, which is no mean feat.  I am delighted and now have a nice 50lb star against my Weight Watchers profile reflecting my efforts.

I’ve been off work all week and so various temptations have been trying their best to lead me off my path and into sin.  That sounds sinister but really isn’t.  The trouble begins when you are not preparing food yourself and you have to try and point it a la Weight Watchers.  You then spend ages trying to work out if you are under, over or pointing correctly within a small tolerance.  This is okay when you can choose what you are having and you accept you may be slightly out but when there is no choice – in my case it was a meal after a round of golf – it’s even more difficult.

But way before the meal scenario which was on Tuesday night there was an even bigger surprise and one which reminded me to be careful when out on the streets.  Whilst out shopping with my wife and son on the weekend we popped into Greggs for a sausage roll for my boy.  The good lady also wanted one.  I, however really like the sausage, beans and cheese melt so tucked into one.  It was nice but not over filling.  Imagine my horror when I returned home to discover it was a whopping 13 pro points (hereafter called PP) for such a snack.  To put this in context my daily PP allowance is currently 47.  I got over it quickly but will not rush back to Greggs for myself any time soon.

And now we can return to the golf.  I played for the Rabbits on Tuesday and we managed to halve our match.  I am not going to go into great detail except to say I played well, my partner –  the Rabbits Captain – did not and the overall match result score on the night was 5 ½ to ½ to the opposition.  Our match result saved a whitewash and so was actually very good.  The meal afterwards was sausages, mash, veg and gravy, followed by a huge serving of apple   crumble and custard.  I had no idea how the mash was made, what make the sausages were and how much sugar was in the dessert.  This is something many of those following Weight Watchers struggle with but luckily for me the rest of the week worked out okay.

On Wednesday we took Eddie – who is approaching 6 – to see Mr Men at the theatre.  To get to York – it was on at the Barbican – we caught a bus into town, followed by a train.  When we got to York it was manic as it was race day and there were lots of posh people milling about.  The good lady didn’t have a clue where we were going – I certainly didn’t – so in the end we caught a cab and a good job we did, as the 15 minute walk as suggested on the directions with the tickets was more like 35.  The map supplied didn’t have the train station on it and was somewhat misleading.

As for the show itself it was a musical production for kids but somehow seemed more musically geared towards adults.  It had a mixture of songs, but when you have Grease and Abba numbers thrown in you get the feeling of a bit of self-aggrandisement.  All the children loved it and I guess plenty of adults sat there tapping their feet too.  Overall lots of fun and I would recommend it to anyone with young children.

When we got back from the show we decided rather than stumbling around in the kitchen, take out was the best option.  A burger and chips later I was stuffed.  Again, I had no idea of the WW PP value but must’ve guessed well and we should let loose every now and then.

In terms of food, the rest of the week was pretty normal.  I ate chocolate, crisps and biscuits.  As I am keeping my bread intake low I was really happy to have lost as I have eaten a WW pizza, naan bread and a burger bun too. It’s been a really pleasant week with regard to filling my body with energy.

I played golf yesterday – it’s now Sunday morning (12:17) but I started writing on Saturday night and am actually referring to Friday – and had an excellent day out with my golf buddies.  My playing partner and I were soundly beaten but we didn’t care as the company was great, the course fantastic and the sun shining all way round.  When I arrived home I had homemade chicken korma and rice waiting for me too, so it couldn’t have been much better – tiny things and all that.

I also want to mention shopping.  The good lady went to the shop this week, rather than doing the usual online thing.  I am not surprised but when she returned there was an extra £50 on the receipt.  I am not bothered about it but it goes to show when you shop online those impulse purchases don’t apply.  Lisa (the good lady) doesn’t like shopping at the best of times but luckily for me came back and said never again will she go to the shop for our weekly groceries as it was all a bit insane in the shop itself.  Amen to that.

I’ve had another great week.  There’s just one more thing for me to cover and that is my ACCA exam result which I get via email on Monday.  I said last week I might ponder and give you my thoughts on the subject, however, since then I’ve decided not to bother.  Sorry to disappoint but ultimately the fact of the matter is whatever will be, will be…

I am sure I will make a much bigger deal of it once I’ve opened the email.  Watch this space as I will most likely do a mid-week post on the result just because I can – it’s the rebel in me.

Have a good one.

Until we next meet…



All change

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It’s been another busy week but successful in a few different ways, some of which involve spending cash.  I’ll get to them in a while.

I am sure you’ll want to know about how much weight I’ve lost this week but I really want to give you some background – back story for all you TV and movie buffs – about my love-love relationship with food.  I promise I will cover my week a little later on.

I come from a family – both close and extended – which I shall refer to as the ‘clean plate brigade’ or CPB for short.  From an early age I believe I was taught to eat everything, not waste food and always ask for seconds if I was still hungry.  I now view this as a mixed blessing.  On one hand I was lucky to have more than enough food – and I include drink here – to never go ‘hungry’.  On the other, I realise now I never learned to properly appreciate the ‘value’ of food and how important it was to control various urges and my weight.

This relationship with food resulted in me being a ‘big lad’ when I was young.  I accepted any comments I got about my size with good grace – positive or negative – and just got on with life.  I didn’t question how or why I had got to be so big – in that sense, the innocence of youth had a part – until I was way past my school years.

At this point I should probably say my DNA resulted in me being a very relaxed person.  I once worked with someone who said to me if I was any more relaxed I’d actually be horizontal, so that’s an indication of where I sit on the stress scale.  I think this is why the way I was treated when I was young didn’t affect me at that time as much as some other people.  I am not planning on going into too much detail but hope you get the general idea – the detail may come one day about sports, exams, friendships, partying, being on TV…

Moving on.  Skipping various parts of my life in order to keep things simple.  Aged 26 (1993) I decided to join a gym for the first time.  This changed everything for me.

I was around the same weight then as I am now – it’s strange to think that’s the case – and single.  I spent at least 3 nights a week in the gym, played football twice a week – three when I played twice in one night – and felt incredible.  I never knew how good one could feel until I made the choice to move outside my comfort zones – primarily it was embarrassment at looking silly – and into one of total control.

This new ‘me’ was lucky enough to be voted a ‘best male in the gym’ around 16 months after joining.  It didn’t mean I had the best body, but had shown true commitment to myself and changed hugely physically and mentally in that short space of time.  I experimented with giving up meat but struggled as I had less energy to train.  I found I got drunk really quickly as I was carrying a lot less body fat.  I moved from a low score out of 20 on the computer to 17.  I actually did the circuit class which I had been watching going on in the dance studio and craved being fit enough to do.  I ate pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted and didn’t put weight on.

It was an incredible time.  I met my best friend – a soul brother – who to this day probably gets me more than any other person I have met since.  Unfortunately I have moved 200 miles away but when we hook up it’s just so darn cool.  He’s the one who encouraged me to go traveling around the world and it was from that event I met my wife.

The impact of the CPB was quickly lost as I developed a new fondness for food.  This came to the fore when I was traveling as I needed to make the best use of the money I had and learned to cook cheaply and well.  Meeting a chef in Australia helped too.

When I came back I was much wiser, even more relaxed, but also heavier.  I was loved up.  To cut a long story short, I was having a fantastic time with my wife and didn’t really worry about my weight.  My blood pressure – despite my size – has never been an issue.

I knew I was big.  The next change for me was having a little boy – well my wife had him but I was there – as I realized I wanted to make sure he enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed him.  Children are a life changer.  Very hard work when you do it right, but rewarding doesn’t describe how a child makes you feel.  Nothing can really.

As you may have noticed I’ve kind of skipped lots of things.  That’s because there’s so much to write and so little time.  I will keep filling in stuff as we go, but I don’t want to rush things between us.  🙂

I said earlier I will let you know about this week.  Before I do, here’s one more bit of information for you to put things in context – on January 14 2011 I weighed exactly 20 stone.

This week I weighed in at 16 stone 6.6lbs.  I lost 1.6lbs this week which is a perfectly acceptable amount.  My new lifestyle is working very well for me.

I am pleasantly surprised to have lost at all.  I was expecting a STS – stayed the same for those not in the know – due to some of the stuff I have eaten.

I am not an advocate of using weekly points if it can be avoided but I ended up with 15 left.  I ate a Chinese dish – house special fried rice – and had no idea of the points.  I must have guessed well.  My nemesis – bread – was eaten in the form of a Weight Watchers pizza and as sandwiches during 3 days of working lunches.  I could have skipped them but we all have to relax every so often.  I didn’t eat excessively but couldn’t be sure if it would impact on my weigh in.  Luckily none of the above had any effect.

As usual I have had plenty of crisps, chocolate and biscuits.  When I say plenty I mean hardly any but you get my drift.

I know it’s brief but there isn’t much more to say except I feel great and it’s been another successful week on my fabulous journey.  I love my new lifestyle.

Other things have happened involving cash.  The steering on one of our cars packed up.  £315 later it works.  As I said earlier, I regard this as a success.  The car should run for another 10 years so it’s a good investment as far as I am concerned.

Our laptop stopped working.  Luckily the hard drive is intact but off I popped today to buy a new one. £350 later and my wife is happy as her left leg – which she thought was chopped off – is back in its rightful place.

I have been on a course at work in respect of line management.  This has given me a multitude of additional concepts and models to use at work and in my personal life.

I get my exam result a week on Monday.  I think next week I may give my thoughts about the idea I could find out I am a qualified accountant early Monday morning on the 22nd.

Comments and feedback is greatly appreciated and if there’s anything you want to know, just ask.

Seriously, life is fantastic right now.

Have a good one.

Until we next meet…


In the beginning…

August 8, 2011 1 comment

People in the know often say the opening line in a book can result in someone continuing to read or finding something else to read or do.

This dilemma left me wondering how to begin my life as a permalink, out there for everyone to read and comment on. If you’ve read this far, my life as a blogger is already enriched.  Obviously if you stopped once you realised the site isn’t quite what you want, you won’t actually care what I am writing.

I think a good place to start would be a few explanations.

Ironman67 bears no relation to the current films out there – no reviews or spoilers here – but does have a personal, tenuous link.  It does not mean I have taken part in any Ironman competitions.  I am not 67 years old either.  The name came about when my wife and I were watching the film and she suggested (told me) I join Weight Watchers as she wanted me to lose weight before our holiday at the beginning of June.  I agreed and as 67 – as I am sure you have already guessed – is the year of my birth, they sat together very easily.  Not very exciting but hopefully it will enlighten those who are still with me at this point.

My strapline might also be a bit confusing.  I am not actually here to help people lose weight – that’s something they’ll need to do themselves – but will share experiences on my journey towards a lighter me.  As for influencing people, I am simply hoping those reading will either decide to do something different for one reason or another or help others change in some way.  Maybe they will even start their own blog.

And talking of blogs, I’d like to express my thanks to The Shrinking Man (hereafter referred to as TSM) for putting me on the blogging path.  Even though I am driving myself crazy trying to find a theme I like, he sent me to WordPress and the rest, as they say, is history.  If you haven’t already checked out his website, you should.  He’s a shining example of someone who is determined not to let his battle with food get the better of him and his journey is fascinating.

Thin Bloke Inside (TBI) is also a man on a mission, wanting to release the Adonis waiting to emerge into the sunlight.  He provides delightful insight into his activities.  Give him a try too.

Me?  I have no idea how this blogging lark works but I’ll give it a good go.  You’ll get all sorts of ramblings that’s for sure, with bits and pieces about weight, family and work amongst many other things that run around my head.

That’s the introduction over with.  I haven’t decided how often I’ll be posting,  but once a week seems to be the norm.  However, in my case, if I am at loose end one never knows what might end up on here.

Have a good one.

Until we next meet…