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Where on earth has the last week gone?

It’s been a mixed week but hopefully an enjoyable one for you.  Nothing bad has occurred but it’s been full of doing a variety of stuff, rather than having one or two things to focus on which can sometimes be more preferable.

I have not stopped eating all week.  Since the significant change in the weather where the temperature has dropped dramatically my body seems to crave food a lot more.  As I understand it this is perfectly natural and so I have rolled with the punches and eaten whenever my body has told me to.  Usually my 3 square a day has been sufficient to keep me going but lower temperatures mean my body works harder to stay warm and needs more energy.

I used up most of my weeklies and ate bread again.  This included a 3 course meal at Pizza Express which included gorgeous dough bread during the starter and main courses.  Of course I could have stuck to my self-imposed ‘do not eat bread unless necessary’ rule and chosen not to eat it, however we all have to live and I don’t get out much these days.

Bruschetta with creamy mushrooms to begin with, followed by chicken salad and finished off with low fat frozen yoghurt, blackcurrants in syrup with a chocolate straw.  Around 45 points and worth every pro point.  When looking at it from a WW point of view it was total over indulgence.  From a lifestyle angle it’s really important to appreciate life with your friends.  My only advice is to make sensible choices, whilst enjoying the moment – that’s certainly what I did.

Later in the week I ate 6 slices of Hovis over 2 days.  I had egg on toast one morning as a mode of convenience.  When I played football at work I made sandwiches as I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat a proper lunch. We all know how I feel about bread but sometimes simply have to be pragmatic and I really enjoyed being a ‘naughty’ boy.

As a quick aside I just checked my WW colleague’s blog to see if he had carried out his usual Sunday morning entry and he has.  TSM has written something very similar to one of my own paragraphs above and I don’t want anyone thinking we have copied each other – the time stamp puts me at a disadvantage on that particular score.  Every so often the thoughts of WW members become synchronised and this is one of those.  Apologies if you feel it’s all a bit deja-vu like.  If you haven’t read TSM’s blog please do so now as it’s a riveting read.

On the football front things didn’t go quite according to plan.  Having enjoyed myself the previous week I was really looking forward to the game.  However my quads were in a bit of a state for a few days following my return on the 19th and I didn’t want to over exert too much early on.  I thought I’d warmed up enough but 5 minutes in I chased the ball down, shot across the keeper, missed by an inch and then both quads locked up.  Game over in the outfield for me so I swapped sides and was in goal for the remainder of the hour.  It ended up 4-4 and I made a few decent saves so all was not lost.  I am not playing this week as I am on holiday so should recover well – just hope I have not done any lasting damage.   I also need to get football socks and shin pads – it’s so easy to pick up a knock when you are my age.

In between Pizza Express and the football nightmare I attended the last day of my ‘taught’ course in relation to my final ACCA paper.  Overall the day went well but I was mentally shattered by 4pm.  I feel positive about the exam on the 8th December and the 3 day course has been a good refresher.  The 3 day revision course begins in around 4 weeks and I have plenty of exam practise to get on with in-between plus I need to complete and submit the 2nd taught course exam as well.  No rest for the wicked I guess.

On the way back from the course I had to pop in to Argos for a phone and a disco ball.  The ball is for Eddie’s birthday next month – he loves dancing and is quite a little groover.  However, he is slightly obsessed with JLS and I have a feeling there will be lots of it played during his party.

There has been no shortage of chocolate, crisps and biscuits.  I haven’t had these sorts of cravings for a long time but don’t panic yet.  Although I enjoyed myself a little more than usual I haven’t eaten a whole packet of biscuits or Jaffa Cakes, which I may well have back in the day.  It just means I used lots of my weeklies by having 4 malted milks rather than 2 or an extra packet of crisps.  The chocolate situation is not as bad as you may have first feared either.  I have had lots of Curly Wurly, Aero and Nutella but made sure I was fully aware of what I was doing.  However, I have tracked in detail – I always do – and know this really helps me maintain and control my weight.  A better way of describing it would be I have mentally adjusted to accepting weeklies can be beneficial providing they are used sensibly.  But I still sound myself a note of caution in that I have always found I do not alter as much when using them.  Meanwhile I shall carry on and see what happens over the next few weeks.

After thinking about everything that passed through my mouth I was expecting a small gain or STS so a 0.4lbs loss is a great result – unexpected but all the sweeter for it.  Lisa managed a STS, so it has been a very good WW week in our house.

Eddie’s golf is on hold for a few weeks over half term as his coaching is not taking place.  He’s not feeling well at the moment anyway and chilling on the Wii.  I am hoping to get him to the range and maybe onto the Repton course at some point this week.  Fingers crossed he feels well enough to go.

It’s my birthday this week and we’re off 10 pin bowling with some friends to celebrate.  It was Eddie’s choice and I am going along because I’ve been told I have to. J

That’s your lot for this week.

Whatever you are up to, have a good one.

Until we next meet…


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