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Not normally into statistics…

Almost two weeks have passed since my last blogging effort.  I think I can safely say it’s unlikely I’ll be posting every week, even though that was the original plan.  Maybe once I’ve qualified I’ll put the extra time I have towards much more regular updates.

The latest news on the weight front continues to be good.  The downward trend remains in place and I have managed to lose slightly less than 2.5lbs over the last two weeks which is very pleasing.  As far as I am concerned anything other than a STS is a great result.

The first week was one of those weeks confirming I have no idea how my new lifestyle plan works.  Although I have been very consistent in my weight reduction each week has been an adventure.  I seem to have lost weight doing different things – sometimes little exercise has been involved, others no exercise at all.  I’ve tried eating lots, eating less than advised, eating bread, not eating bread, pointing everything or not pointing anything. You get the idea.  You learn to accept sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to the results, however we all generally know we when we have been ‘naughty’.

The week was no exception. I didn’t exercise – no change there then – and kept bread intake to a minimum.  We treated ourselves to take out as it was my wife’s birthday.  I had a burger – a  1/2 pounder – which came in a white roll and that’s it in terms my bread for the week.   Ironically this was on the same day as I ate lunch during an offsite work team meeting.  I had no idea of the points for either meal so guessed as best I could and hoped the PP’s were not too far off.  I ate all my weeklies, picked on and off every day but still tracked as accurately as I could.

Every so often I find it difficult to accept anyone can lose weight without some form of exercise – especially as the weight reduces and you close in on your goal.  You can imagine my pleasant surprise at finding out I had lost another 1.4lbs with a combination of eating lots and doing no exercise.  I would imagine this is not something a dietician or doctor would recommend if you asked their advice on trying to lose or control your weight.  Somehow Weight Watchers has worked out a plan that makes this strange combination work.

It was certainly a very good week for me.

This week has been one where various numbers have played a part on my amazing journey.

Some statistics for you:

I played football for the first time in 7 months.

Despite being on the team with 4 players as opposed to 5 I managed to score 2 goals.

I ate just 4 pieces of bread.

I have lost another 1lb.

My total loss to date is 60lbs.

I have managed to break 100kg, albeit by a very small amount.

My legs really ache at the moment – must be an age thing – but I hope to be back on the pitch next Wednesday to strut my stuff, so to speak.  As I am over 3 stone lighter than the last time I played, I felt much better running around and it was just my touch that let me down every so often.  The guys I played with laughed at the ’coffin’ I used to carry my kit but in the UK you never know what the weather will be like and you needs all sorts of gear.  My new astro-turf boots felt tight at first but they should loosen up after a few weeks.  I also claimed 15 activity PP’s for the football which could have come in handy if I’d needed them.

I’ve had some strange events at work with people not realising who I am.  One lady decided not to call out my name when she was following me as she wasn’t sure it was actually me.  Another walked in and tentatively said my name whilst standing behind me – I was sitting down – ‘because it didn’t look like me’.  Finally, one other lady apologised as she had briefly acknowledged me earlier and then when we crossed paths again explained she hadn’t recognised me.  I do wonder at how much attention these ladies pay at work lol.

We met friend this afternoon and once again I found myself at Pizza Express.  Just like a few weeks ago I have had a three course meal with two lots of bread.  According to the WW eating out guide I ate my daily PP’s in one go again and felt really tired this evening.  However this time is I am even more relaxed about it.  I need to get used to eating out ‘normally’ as once I hit goal this I something I plan to do regularly.  The difference will be in choosing what I eat far more carefully and looking for the healthiest option – in my opinion, of course – to ensure my weight stays fairly consistent.

We hadn’t seen our friends and their daughter since May and Penny greeted me with a ‘hello slim’ followed by an overlong stare.  She told Lisa and me we both looked great.  She could hardly believe the change in me – she later described it as if I’d been vacuum packed and looked really well.

Even more clothes have left the building this week.  My suit, recently purchased casual trousers, a pair of jeans, belts and t-shirts are winging their way to a charity.  I think we are off shopping for more clothes tomorrow – at the moment I don’t have any trousers for golf and only one pair of work trousers.  Next to go will be my cargo pants and probably another pair of jeans.

Eddie’s golf lessons continue to go from strength to strength and he scored a 3 on one of the par 3 holes on the ‘grown ups’ course, which is very impressive.  He’s got a couple of weeks off from coaching at the Rudding Park Academy and I plan to make sure we have a bit of fun practising in the meantime.

Whatever you are up to, have a good one.

Until we next meet…


  1. marion millar
    October 16, 2011 at 11:24 PM

    Hya Ian. like you i have lost 82.5lbs without doing much exercise but have now started swimming, well done on your amazing loss… and you so deserve all the nice compliments your getting great feeling eh!!! and i also love Pizza. and have it once a week, just cannot stop having a wee bit of what you like!!! LOL great blog.. keep doing what your doing your doing Fantastic :-)) xx

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