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A new man, literally.

Let’s clear one thing up straight away.  I am not a liar.  At least I don’t usually lie, unless I really need to and class those times as telling white lies.

In this case I think I told a bit of a whopper.  I was hoping to update you all quickly last week but as usual life takes over.  I am surprised how difficult it is to be able to blog regularly.  Millions of people seem to do it every day.  Then there are those other insane people who spend every second of every minute of every day either tweeting or reading tweets.  Crumbs, is it just me having issues about this or am I the crazy one?  I must like my own personal space and it’s why I can’t handle being driven potty 24/7.

Anyway I am sure you’re all keen to know how my weight is progressing.  I have fantastic news in that regard as I am under 16 stone for the first time since 1994.  It feels amazing and strange at the same time.  On the 24th I weighed in at 15st 13lbs and was shocked I had lost just over 3.5lbs in a week as it gets tougher to lose regularly the closer you get to goal.  I am getting lighter and the losses will be comparatively small in relation to when I started my journey back in January.

It had been another great week when I had eaten well including lots of crisps and chocolate, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  Another important factor was I had not eaten bread all week – it had been a while since I’d managed zero bread in-take.  I’d not used any my weekly PP’s – it’s rare when I do – as I am keen to avoid using them whenever possible.  I played golf on the Sunday which results in earning activity pro points (AP’s) and it helps with controlling weight loss.  Strictly speaking I should eat all my daily, weekly and activity PP’s, as my body will store fat if it feels I am not eating enough.  However, I am happy not to if I do not feel hungry and love eating lots of fruit in order to fill any hunger gaps.

After the great news Lisa, Eddie and I went into town.  Eddie and I had our hair cut before pottering around the shops and shortly after we all went out for lunch at Pizza Express.  It was treat time and I had a three course meal – something I very rarely have done since Eddie was born 6 years ago – which included 2 lots of my food nemesis, bread.  According to the WW eating out guide I ate my daily PP allowance in one go but I really wasn’t bothered – I felt I deserved it.  The other thing I felt was full up – it was a very big meal in comparison to my normal intake – and I was tired late afternoon.  This occurs after you eat a lot of food as your body sends all the blood necessary to relevant organs in order to break it down into its constituent waste parts.  It definitely feels different when I eat lots of healthy food as I generally find I have lots of energy afterwards.  A classic example of this is when we eat Chinese – there are sometimes lots of ‘bad’ ingredients in a take away and your body recognises them quickly.  It then decides to break them down as fast as possible and this results in you feeling hungry again relatively soon.  I love my Chinese and now value my takeaways even more than before.  I guess the difference now is I stop after eating one dish – usually the house special fired rice – and normally feel well fed after.

The outcome of my weight loss meant my daily PP allowance reduced again.  When I started in January I was on 56 and am now on 45, which is beginning to feel more challenging than before.  But I won’t complain about the reduction as it’s nothing but a very positive thing.  What is pleasantly surprising is how quickly and easily the weight has dropped off using Weight Watchers – I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is considering changing their lives forever.

So on to this week then.  I have been feeling hungry much more often than before and generally that means using some weekly PP’s.  I guess it’s what they are for and I used most of them – some evenings I was craving snacks and the weeklies allow me to not worry about eating crisps, biscuits and chocolate whenever I want.  It’s just it has to be in moderation rather than excess, which is what caused my weight gain over the years.

Luckily for me I managed another round of golf at Rudding Park, plus I practiced at the range whilst Eddie was attending the coaching academy.  This accumulated AP’s which always come in handy, especially if I am eating my weeklies as they act as a get out of jail free card in case I have under pointed at any time.  Generally when I don’t use my weeklies or AP’s I tend not to put weight on.

I was wondering if the meal I’d had would affect this week’s weigh in.   Although I am on a self -imposed zero bread lifestyle I had eaten a few slices during the week and thought this might affect the result come weigh in on Saturday.  I am much more acutely aware of what I eat and in particular the amount of bread I consume.

As it turns out I needn’t have worried too much.  I have lost another 0.4lbs this week, which is a great result as far as I am concerned.  I was hoping for a STS due to the meal out, using dailies and eating bread and the weigh in reminded me it’s possible to enjoy myself without impacting on my objective of losing weight slowly.  I was pleasantly surprised and am still under 16 stone – it’s very cool being able to say that to people who haven’t seen me in a while.

I worked out even Lisa has never seen me at this weight.  I met her in 1998 when I was 4 months into my round the world travels – I think I was a ½ stone heavier than when I left the UK from partying and drinking.  I feel I look like a new man to her – literally.  Knowing my goal weight is less than a stone away is a great feeling.  I am slightly curious to know how I’ll feel once I reach my goal weight.  Will there suddenly be a void or does the change of rules involving maintaining my weight simply mean substituting one form of behaviour for another?  Time will tell.

My friend TSM updated his blog this morning and was talking about clothing issues.  I can relate to everything he wrote – the only difference is my weight has steadily been coming down, other than when we went on holiday in June when I put on 8lbs.   Whereas his gains feel very noticeable to him, my losses have impacted hugely with regard to the number of clothes I have available to wear right now.

At the beginning of this year my wardrobe was full.  It contained clothes I hadn’t ever worn, some I’d not put in in years, others that were ‘goal gear’ and the usual sentimental bits and pieces one can never throw out.  I have a Hawaiian style shirt from Fiji which I got in 1998 – it hasn’t fitted me for over a decade – but couldn’t get rid of as it was part of my travelling days and one of the few items I have kept.  I tried it on yesterday and Lisa told me straight it is now too big for me.  Oh woe is me, what to do, what to do?

The last 6 months have been an endless stream of fashion shows for Lisa and Eddie, which has resulted in systematically reducing the contents of the wardrobe.  So much so that yesterday I no longer owned any jeans that fitted me.  I bought a couple of pairs 4 weeks ago, neither of which did me any favours when I put them on.  My cargo pants are huge, the ¾ length trousers are massive and both pairs of work trousers are positively Laurel and Hardyesque.  It’s the same in respect of shirts – I think I have only 2 casual shirts that make me look normal.

After Eddie’s golf there was no choice other than to visit Sainsbury’s – we needed other stuff and to sort next year’s holiday anyway – to find jeans and various tops.  I bought a pair of 38” regular straight leg – the bootleg ones of the same size hung off me – and I thought the straight ones would be fine.   Admittedly I never tried them on in the shop but when I got home and finally did it was a disaster.  Within seconds Lisa told me they looked awful.  Not only that but they actually felt very loose.

Late that evening back I returned to pick up more bits and pieces and swap the 38’s for 36’s.  Of course they didn’t have any in my leg length, so I tried on slightly more expensive 36’s and had success.  I picked up a couple of tops – weird looking for an L rather than something with an X somewhere on the label – and headed home.

One fashion show later and Lisa said ‘wow, they look like jeans’.  I now have small love handles when I put them on but am way past caring.  At least I have something to wear now.  My wardrobe continues to be eerily empty but I seem to be in-between sizes anyway.  Slowly, slowly catchy monkey, especially as it gets expensive buying clothes regularly.

Once again I have run out of time.  I am sure there will be more clothing issues next week.

Whatever you are up to, have a good one.

Until we next meet…


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