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Never enough time…

As someone who works I completely understand how disappointing it is when someone promises to do something and they don’t deliver.  So I’d like to apologise to you all as I have been one of those people of late in respect of my blog – these days my life is busy at work and home.  This results in me failing to find time to update you on my incredibly wonderful life – a poor excuse, but that’s the way it is at the moment.

I am not complaining but am trying to justify my lazy behaviour in my mind in order to share my thoughts regularly.  I am not so young and missing my own deadlines frustrates me – it’s not like I am writing an article for a rocket science journal.

It was two weeks ago when I last put pen to paper – so to speak – and I can hardly recall what I have done.  I do know time has flown and I’ve packed all sorts of things in, but they’ve blurred into one event – or so it seems.

In respect of my weight not much has happened.  I have lost a small amount and this resulted in me losing another PP (Weight Watchers Pro Point), which was surprising but it’s always good when PP’s go down.  However, I have moved from Obese to Overweight in respect of my BMI and that is significant.  It’s crept up on me but I am happy to know the new lifestyle is working so well.  My BMI isn’t something that I have consciously been thinking about but am aware some of my WW brothers monitor their BMI and make a big thing of changing their ranges on a regular basis.  My mentioning it is as much as I care to make of it but understand it is a significant step towards a longer life.

I have been struggling to stay within my allocated daily PP’s and feeling quite hungry.  This tends to happen when I play golf as my body is telling me to stock up on the energy I have used.  What’s strange is that I didn’t play golf last week  and in this case I think it’s because I was getting over my tummy bug that made me crave food.  I spent most of the week eating bread and think this stopped me from losing weight.  However I am not going to complain as a STS (stayed the same) is no bad thing.  I am back on zero bread this week and it will be interesting to see the effect of this when I weigh in on Saturday morning.  I also played golf on Sunday and maybe this will also play its part when I step on the scales.

Last weekend Eddie had his first golf coaching session at the academy at Rudding and had a great time despite the weather not being brilliant.  He’s making good progress and having lots of fun – the latter being main thing – and is looking forward to next week’s lesson.   I bought him a couple of clubs – a driver and wedge – which he hasn’t yet hit and hopefully he’ll be able to give them a try come Saturday.

The good lady wants the laptop so I am going to keep this short and will catch up again after my weigh in.

You’ll get two posts this week, you lucky people.

Whatever you are up to, have a good one.

Until we next meet…


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