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Little things and all that…

It’s been a while and as I have some spare time I thought I’d put down some thoughts.  I am not sure where the last few weeks have gone but I guess it’s an age thing.

Let’s get the weight thing out of the way.  My first missing week – and for those of you who are interested, it’s week 33 of my lifestyle change – resulted in a loss of 1.2lbs.  Another steady loss always pleases me and put my weight in an area very close to the same as in 1993.  It’s very strange to think I am now the same size as when I used to play football, golf, party hard and ski too.  I don’t think I could cope with all that now but love being so much lighter than the beginning of the year.

The following week I managed a small loss of 0.4lbs.  Again I was really happy as I couldn’t seem to stop filling my body up – eating out, picking every so often and going over my dailies.  I put this down to playing 2 rounds of golf within the space of 4 days and my body was telling me to replenish all the energy I had used – who am I to argue with that?  I rarely use my weeklies but was happy to enjoy the odd treat for a change – highly encouraged by the wife to do so lol.

I haven’t changed anything when going about my new lifestyle – I do the same things now as when I started with Weight Watchers, which is mainly change what I eat – and am still very much enjoying the new me.   At some point I am going to start doing exercise on a regular basis – I don’t play golf every week – and that should mean more steady weight losses.  I think it will be fun learning to have to eat more in order to either maintain or lose weight.  I never really thought about it when I was younger, but my relationship with food is very different now and I understand it’s important to ensure my body is happy in terms of energy levels.  If we don’t replenish properly the body begins to start storing fat and that will slow down any weight loss.  It all depends on how you view your new lifestyle.  I view it as a holistic change – not just physical, but mental too – and so although weight loss is important, feeling amazing within myself provides a far greater reward.

I’ve noticed a few of the men on the Weight Watchers notice boards have struggled with their weight recently.  I sympathise with them and wish them all the best on their journeys, as they are all top blokes.  All I can suggest is trying to return to all the good habits that worked well for them before in an effort to begin to feel good again – they all know the system works.  I am rooting for you brothers.

The manager at my golf club hadn’t seen me for around 5 weeks and his first comment was ‘wow, you’re literally disappearing before my very eyes’. It’s great when others notice changes.

After these weight losses I had to try on some clothes again, fearing – in a good way, of course – that some would no longer fit me.  It’s fantastic this weight loss thing, but can cost a small fortune if you’re not careful.

I can hardly believe I am writing this but I put on a pair of 38 inch cargo pants the other day. My wife said as I walked down the stairs ‘wow, I have to say you look normal’. Now THAT is a compliment lol. I have gone from a 46 to 38 since Jan 14. It depends on the cut of course, but does feel great.  Having recently given away huge amounts of clothes I think I will be doing the same again soon.  Most of the shorts I got for my holiday in June are way too big and various shirts and t-shirts do not make me look particularly attractive lol.

I need to give Lisa another fashion show so she can tell me what can stay and go and then it’s off to Asda or wherever for some cheap – but convenient – fitting clothes.

I’ve really been enjoying my golf and had a lesson for the first time in years.  For some reason I have been struggling to hit my driver well and thought I should sort the problem out sooner than later.  I am playing well but this was intended to give me even more confidence.  As I’ve lost the best part of 52lbs my swing plane has changed back to roughly the same as it was nearly 20 years ago and means I need to change the way I think as well as how I physically swing the club.  The results of the lesson were quickly obvious and I am excited about playing again a week on Sunday.

Eddie – my son – has taken to golf very quickly.  He has an amazing swing for someone so young – he’s not yet 6 – and seems to really enjoy himself.  He had a lesson on Sunday and to both his mother and my own surprise, the pro took him out onto the 6 hole Repton course at Rudding Park.  The holes are not long but I wasn’t sure if he was ready yet.  Once again he was incredible.  He played off the ladies tees and even managed a 4 – I’ve struggled round the course myself – and I was a very proud Dad.  There was a group of adults in front who watched him tee off – straight onto the green – and they all gave him a clap.  It nearly brought me to tears.  He’s now booked on an 8 week coaching course and I will update you on his progress.

Eddie lost his first tooth last night – bless – and was very cool, calm and collected about it.  He was munching on a bar of chocolate and simply said – ‘Daddy, my tooth’s come out!’  The tooth fairy has been – £2, talk about inflation lol – and he’s all excited about telling everyone at school all about it.  There are other loose ones so the tooth fairy had better watch out.

Unfortunately I am off sick at the moment.  I won’t go into too much detail but let’s just say me and the toilet have become closer than I would like.   I slept for best part of 30 hours yesterday and have only just got some colour back in my cheeks.  My appetite is non-existent.

I really hope to be back at work tomorrow as my involvement on a major project could have serious repercussions.  Daytime TV is rubbish, so that’s another good reason to get better quickly.

Whatever you are up to, have a good one.

Until we next meet…


    September 16, 2011 at 11:39 PM


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