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In the beginning…

People in the know often say the opening line in a book can result in someone continuing to read or finding something else to read or do.

This dilemma left me wondering how to begin my life as a permalink, out there for everyone to read and comment on. If you’ve read this far, my life as a blogger is already enriched.  Obviously if you stopped once you realised the site isn’t quite what you want, you won’t actually care what I am writing.

I think a good place to start would be a few explanations.

Ironman67 bears no relation to the current films out there – no reviews or spoilers here – but does have a personal, tenuous link.  It does not mean I have taken part in any Ironman competitions.  I am not 67 years old either.  The name came about when my wife and I were watching the film and she suggested (told me) I join Weight Watchers as she wanted me to lose weight before our holiday at the beginning of June.  I agreed and as 67 – as I am sure you have already guessed – is the year of my birth, they sat together very easily.  Not very exciting but hopefully it will enlighten those who are still with me at this point.

My strapline might also be a bit confusing.  I am not actually here to help people lose weight – that’s something they’ll need to do themselves – but will share experiences on my journey towards a lighter me.  As for influencing people, I am simply hoping those reading will either decide to do something different for one reason or another or help others change in some way.  Maybe they will even start their own blog.

And talking of blogs, I’d like to express my thanks to The Shrinking Man (hereafter referred to as TSM) for putting me on the blogging path.  Even though I am driving myself crazy trying to find a theme I like, he sent me to WordPress and the rest, as they say, is history.  If you haven’t already checked out his website, you should.  He’s a shining example of someone who is determined not to let his battle with food get the better of him and his journey is fascinating.

Thin Bloke Inside (TBI) is also a man on a mission, wanting to release the Adonis waiting to emerge into the sunlight.  He provides delightful insight into his activities.  Give him a try too.

Me?  I have no idea how this blogging lark works but I’ll give it a good go.  You’ll get all sorts of ramblings that’s for sure, with bits and pieces about weight, family and work amongst many other things that run around my head.

That’s the introduction over with.  I haven’t decided how often I’ll be posting,  but once a week seems to be the norm.  However, in my case, if I am at loose end one never knows what might end up on here.

Have a good one.

Until we next meet…


  1. Chunkymel
    August 9, 2011 at 8:50 AM

    Great start Ian
    I am encouraged to read more when it is published Good luck

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